Sunday, December 28, 2008


December is a very, very cruel month. First, after barely recovering from writing at least 60 - 70 pages worth of essays, I am hit with exams which, in stress years, steal away at least 5 years of my life.

Then, after exams are over, I must devote every minute of life to making hand- made presents, buying presents, agonizing what to make or buy, agonizing over that I did make or buy, agonizing over what I did NOT make or buy, wrap the crap, then realize at the last minute that I forgot Christmas cards and THEN I wonder what the heck to write in them to make then meaningful.

Oh and by this time I am broke. After all this, I comfort myself by eating copious mounts of holiday food and gain at last 10 pounds (but that's ok I need the weight :P ).

So Christmas is obviously awesome, what with spending time with people I know and love :D. BUT then.... the evil begins....

GIFT CARDS. BOXING DAY/WEEK. Did I mention that I am STILL broke? That I have textbooks to buy next semester? That all of the money I got for CHhristmas will most likely go towards those textbooks? That consumerism, vanity and fashion advertising practically yanks me towards those holiday sales?????

Woe, I say. To combat this I resolve to spend tomorrow inside the house knitting scarves, eating fruit and rice, reading philosophy books and NOT thinking about those sexy shoes I will buy with my Le Chateau giftcard. Honestly, do I really NEED a pair of leather gladiator stilletos? *agonizes* This isn't like buying the latest book by Stephen King!!! You don't have to try on a book and walk around with it... you don't have to match it with all your clothes.. you don't have avoid breaking your feet.... you don't have to avoid mud puddles... YOU DON'T HAVE TO ____________ *insert anything here*

This is the woe my life has become.... I am now a nerdy bookworm AND a shopaholic. Its nice to be balanced, and stuff but.... *coughcough COUGH* Oh and by the way, this blog entry was mostly a parody. I like shopping, I like books, I like December (with all its stress). Most of all I like making people laugh.

The End.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lazy Holidays

I got up the courage to look at my Winter Semester booklist today, and it wasn't that bad. I'll be spending at least $340 on textbooks. It would be around $400 if I did not already have some of them - my engl 2p11 course (Children's Literature) will be dealing with books such as "The Hobbit", "Charlottes Web", "Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone", "Tuck Everlasting" and "A Wrinkle in Time" next semester. I am EXCITED. I love those books, and I have them already so I don't need to buy books from the school.

As for marks, I'm very sure I'll be getting As and Bs, except for that stupid World Religions class. Figures. I pick an elective that ends up being the hardest course this semester. The rest were pieces of cake.

So the Holidays have begun! Snow has covered the ground, shoppers are grumpy, kids are excited, and Helen is sleeping and eating excessively. Aside from that, Helen has been making lots of jewelry, writing, drawing, and referring to herself in third person. I attended a crazy Christmas/Reunion party the other night, which as loads of fun.

I haven't sold any jewelry this month, but as most of my customers have been students and teachers, November/December = exams and no time. I don't mind, as my true goal is to hit the craft shows in November 2009 to ensnare all those early Christmas Shoppers.

But yes, my jewelry gallery is here: - I've updated the album with prices, and it's all 20% off until after Christmas.

Notice that this blog isn't very funny so far! Yes yes, yes, I am getting to that. :P Today me and my mom found out that my sisters have peeked into 50% of their presents, and know exactly what they are. We clued in when they started saying "oh, I would love to get [insert thing] for Christmas!" and it was all exactly what we got for them :P

It all started last night when me and mom were upstairs reading/making jewelry. My little sisters were playing downstairs, but they were being eerily quiet. This concerned us because usually we here them shouting and acting like hooligans. So I went downstairs and found too very innocent and suspicious-looking kids, but they just ate their snack and said "No" very casually when I asked them if theyhad been peeking in presents.

This morning they looked really tense and finally when mom asked (Mom has a better basilisk stare than I do, lol... MUCH harder to lie to her than gullible me) they looked incredibly guilty, bust into tears and it was pretty much like this:

Sister#1: YES.... WE LOOKED *cries*
Sister#2: But it was only an accident!!
Me: How the heck was it an accident? (note: Helen is helplessly laughing at this point)
Sister#2: It wasn't my idea!

So they peeked into the boxes, because mom had only tied them tightly with ribbon instead of wrapping them (the boxes were holiday coloured and reuseable... we'd run out of wrapping paper), so they loosened the ribbon and peeked into 6 boxes out of 10. Poor things, they've been sooooo scared about being found out since last night. LOL. But they confessed and feel better now and we let them open the presents that they already peeked in. And they learned their lesson.

But yes, me and my parents laughed so hard... it will definitely be an anecdote for every single family party in the future, although the blame shall rest on my parents because my sisters have made me swear not to mention it to them ever again (HAA yea right).

Anyways, that's it for this blog post. I'll probably be going to Red Lobster with my boyfriend's family tomorrow. I'm going to call him to ask when it actually is, because 7 times out of 10 he never gives me the time himself (lol not that I mind *that* much, I still love him to bits anyways).

Hopefully tomorrow's restaurant adventure won't call for another blog post. I'm very comfortable around his parents, but not in restaurants or family gatherings in general. I'm a fantastically slow eater and when I get nervous - trust me. Food ends up everywhere. :P

Monday, December 15, 2008

And so I gave birth to BLOG....

.... and it was squishy and ate all my chips!!! Yeah I'm totally stealing this idea from someone else; school done for 3 weeks, time to burn, etc etc. = create a self-promoting blog to spam friends with updates on life.

No, really - I've had a bad track record with journals and online blogs. Eventually I just get rid of them because I: a) don't update them enough b) they were extremely boring c) they were scandalous and I hid them from all human eyes. But yes, writing a blog is more difficult than you peeps probably think! You have to be concise, entertaining, informative, and on a regular basis (throw me a banana already), which is... ok maybe its not that hard.

Anyways, if you are reading this... it means you're speshul, and I invited you here. If you are reading this and I did NOT invite you here, you hacked me and it's NOT me that is writing this, or you are writhing in my tiny deadly hands right now and you will GTFO.

Blog Itinerary a.k.a Goals:

1. Update once a week
2. Entertain, Enlighten, Eat

Also, here's my disclaimer: If I talk about someone I know at any point in this blog, I'm not going to publish their full name, just in case they are not comfortable with that OR they just don't want to be associated with me and whatever we did that they don't want to remember. :P I may mention you by first initial but that's pretty much it.