Monday, December 15, 2008

And so I gave birth to BLOG....

.... and it was squishy and ate all my chips!!! Yeah I'm totally stealing this idea from someone else; school done for 3 weeks, time to burn, etc etc. = create a self-promoting blog to spam friends with updates on life.

No, really - I've had a bad track record with journals and online blogs. Eventually I just get rid of them because I: a) don't update them enough b) they were extremely boring c) they were scandalous and I hid them from all human eyes. But yes, writing a blog is more difficult than you peeps probably think! You have to be concise, entertaining, informative, and on a regular basis (throw me a banana already), which is... ok maybe its not that hard.

Anyways, if you are reading this... it means you're speshul, and I invited you here. If you are reading this and I did NOT invite you here, you hacked me and it's NOT me that is writing this, or you are writhing in my tiny deadly hands right now and you will GTFO.

Blog Itinerary a.k.a Goals:

1. Update once a week
2. Entertain, Enlighten, Eat

Also, here's my disclaimer: If I talk about someone I know at any point in this blog, I'm not going to publish their full name, just in case they are not comfortable with that OR they just don't want to be associated with me and whatever we did that they don't want to remember. :P I may mention you by first initial but that's pretty much it.


  1. Hey Helen. Nice blog :). It's very funny, made me laugh really hard. Look forward to reading more of them.

  2. *throws a banana at helens head*
    Hows that Helen?

  3. you have obsessive-compulsive disorder? lol it all makes sense now... :P

  4. Trying to make a blog interesting is too much trouble for me, so I just spam everyone with my day-to-day drudgery. Heheh ;-)