Thursday, March 19, 2009


Every time I try to think of something to write, all I can remember are essays, or squirrels.

Updates to follow once I purge both from my mind.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pitfalls of life! (fun, ja?)

Yeaaah. I haven't posted here for a while. Of course I had interesting things to write about, but I was swamped by school, hobbies, reading, reading, socializing (yeah right) and various time-wasting activities (like mindlessly stuffing my face).

I am also in my Children's Literature class, which is 50% mindwipe and 50% interesting.... 3 and a half lectures have been devoted to Nancy Drew... watching the new movie took up 2 of them. BAH! At least there are other lectures on The Hobbit, Tuck Everlasting, and other classics. So yeah, I'm bored to tears right now so I'm posting here.

Also: it was READING WEEK! I'm not gonna post on my blog. I'm going to be sleeping. :D So hmm... what has happened since I last posted that's interesting?

- Valentine's Day: my boyfriend gave me roses <3 br="">- Squirrels throwing bagels from trees in my backyard, trying to break them into eatable pieces.... (this really happened. I took pictures.)
- Me taking up guitar... and my boyfriend taking up guitar. Who currently knows more songs than I do on it! NOOO *explodes* :) But seriously, learning music together as a couple is one of the greatest things to do in my opinion.
- massive amounts of assignments that I ALL handed in on time... and good marks :) Woot Woot
- me finally attending writer's workshops and loving them! Definitely submitting to the school anthology.
- me looking up graphics programs (like photoshop) during lecture while sitting in the front row and getting pop-ups of awkward baby pictures... I have no idea what the people behind me must have thought.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolution & First day of Semester 2

New Years was awesome! My boyfriend cooked me dinner (yummy! <3 a="" and="" i="" nbsp="" p="" party....="" to="" went="">Anyways, my New Years Resolutions are:
1. Write more
2. Maintain good marks
3. Never take another class remotely like GBLS 2P70. Ever. Again.
4. Spend almost every Saturday doing crafts with the little sisters
5. keep my room clean... sort of
6. Eat more, Eat healthier
7. get my License!!!
8. Beat my boyfriend at AoM

..... I think that's do-able!

And for another amusing list, here some things that happened on my first day of Semester 2:

- my engl-2p83 prof announced to us that she was stoned from her meds and that was why she was ending lecture after only a half hour
- I thought I spotted one of my male friends from a distance but when the person came into better view it was... actually an old woman?
- I was definitely attacked my an automatic door that closed just when I was walking past and completely smoked me
- I got one wheel of my car stuck in a ditch that was RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE? Can't I back out my driveway without doing something silly?