Monday, February 23, 2009

Pitfalls of life! (fun, ja?)

Yeaaah. I haven't posted here for a while. Of course I had interesting things to write about, but I was swamped by school, hobbies, reading, reading, socializing (yeah right) and various time-wasting activities (like mindlessly stuffing my face).

I am also in my Children's Literature class, which is 50% mindwipe and 50% interesting.... 3 and a half lectures have been devoted to Nancy Drew... watching the new movie took up 2 of them. BAH! At least there are other lectures on The Hobbit, Tuck Everlasting, and other classics. So yeah, I'm bored to tears right now so I'm posting here.

Also: it was READING WEEK! I'm not gonna post on my blog. I'm going to be sleeping. :D So hmm... what has happened since I last posted that's interesting?

- Valentine's Day: my boyfriend gave me roses <3 br="">- Squirrels throwing bagels from trees in my backyard, trying to break them into eatable pieces.... (this really happened. I took pictures.)
- Me taking up guitar... and my boyfriend taking up guitar. Who currently knows more songs than I do on it! NOOO *explodes* :) But seriously, learning music together as a couple is one of the greatest things to do in my opinion.
- massive amounts of assignments that I ALL handed in on time... and good marks :) Woot Woot
- me finally attending writer's workshops and loving them! Definitely submitting to the school anthology.
- me looking up graphics programs (like photoshop) during lecture while sitting in the front row and getting pop-ups of awkward baby pictures... I have no idea what the people behind me must have thought.

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