Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Penguins Dancing Down a Rainbow

I honestly think that will be the title of my blog now (see above). In honour of the occasion I would make penguin and rainbow themed jewellery, but alas, no penguin beads are to be had. Sad face.

Actually, I JUST realized that I have a stamp with my "beaded-bohemian" business name and website on it.... beside a little PENGUIN!! You see? This is all meant to be!

Pictures forthcoming, but of what? NOBODY KNOWS. Stay tuned.

(I have more interesting news, honest I do. I'm just sleep deprived)

Monday, June 27, 2011


I really, really need to find a better title for this blog. "Ramblings of a Short Asian Jewellery-Maker", really? Blaaaah.

I feel as if "[titles, titles]" would be amusing and witty, as well as a nod to my favourite HBO show 'Game of Thrones' (poor, poor King Robert), but on a first glance the suggested title could be miscontrued in MANY different ways - really, there is no titillation to be had in this blog, unless you really really really really really really like beads.

HELP. Anybody.... anybody....

... no doubt in a few days I will be struck by some fantastic brainwave and return with a title of such epicness that penguins will dance down a rainbow singing my name. Although "penguins dancing down a rainbow" would be an awesome title, only I must remember that in order to promote my jewellery I should at least try to be professional.

But... but.... "the Beaded-Bohemian's Blog" sounds soooo boring.

New life to the blog

So I really haven't updated in a while. aka a few years. I was tempted to delete my old entries, but really they were not THAT embarassing, and I suppose it is a nice snapshot of me from a few years ago.

I am updating this blog again because... (drumroll)

1) I need to practice writing, I am dreadfully rusty

2) I want to experiment with promoting my jewellery website

3) I love reviewing movies, books, sharing life

4) really this is all a harsh wake-up call that with each passing year I become less and less funny and more distracted by shiny things.

I am also going through a big life change soon (not menopause) and maybe all the people I cannot maintain daily contact with can read about what I am doing. :)

SOOOO.... big life changes: (I like making lists, have you noticed that? I also like brackets, they delude me into thinking I can ramble without anyone noticing)

1) My dear boyfriend proposed to me in April, and we are planning a 2013 wedding. I have so far attended one bridal show and while it was fun, it was also slightly boring. Thank goodness my mom and his mom are both majorly excited and happy to plan it all for me.

2) I am all graduated from University! With a BA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies and a minor in English. I have mixed feelings about my program and my 4th year, but that could just be residual stress talking. Overall I am grateful for the experiences university has given me, and I think I am prepared to take another step forward, personally and academically.

3) I am now attending UBC's Creative Writing program. It was always my dream to have a degree in Creative Writing, and I count myself doubly lucky to in a few years have not just one, but two degrees in areas I have 100% interest in. Thank goodness for supportive parents, and thank goodness for my fiance going to law school, now I don't have to go. :P

4) I AM MOVING OUT OF MY HOUSE. And living with my fiance, and my lovely Siamese cat Nigel. More about this later.

So that's it! I'll update again in a bit, with more jewellery-related stuff. Please don't read my older blog entries, because they are horrible and just evidence that I hoard in cyberspace as well as real life.

For now, here's a link to my jewellery website and a picture of my cat.