Monday, June 27, 2011


I really, really need to find a better title for this blog. "Ramblings of a Short Asian Jewellery-Maker", really? Blaaaah.

I feel as if "[titles, titles]" would be amusing and witty, as well as a nod to my favourite HBO show 'Game of Thrones' (poor, poor King Robert), but on a first glance the suggested title could be miscontrued in MANY different ways - really, there is no titillation to be had in this blog, unless you really really really really really really like beads.

HELP. Anybody.... anybody....

... no doubt in a few days I will be struck by some fantastic brainwave and return with a title of such epicness that penguins will dance down a rainbow singing my name. Although "penguins dancing down a rainbow" would be an awesome title, only I must remember that in order to promote my jewellery I should at least try to be professional.

But... but.... "the Beaded-Bohemian's Blog" sounds soooo boring.

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