Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It never rains but it pours.

It's pretty rainy today where I live. I'm always sleepy on rainy days, and my cat was not impressed with me this morning when I slept in!

He's a strange fellow, my cat. He'll meow and screech in the morning for food, and when I get it out for him he practically explodes with excitement. Then he just sniffs it, ignores it, and looks up at me with a curious look on his face. Apparently his meows did not mean feed me, but  Pet meee... PET ME.... PET PET PET. And because I am his slave, I give him a pet and THEN he eats. Ugh.

I know what you are thinking, miniscule audience of readers. Where are the beads in this story?

Trust me, the beads are everywhere. Whenever I procrastinate my beads slowly migrate everywhere until they cover everything I am actually supposed to be doing.

I've been so busy with school! All my final projects for my creative writing masters program are due by the first week of December, and I have discovered that I can procrastinate just as well on creative work as I can on my undergrad essays. But I don't procrastinate as much, of course, since I write every day anyways. But yes, that is why my website is so slow in coming. I've been re-uploading my pieces, but since all my data was lost when my former website shut down, I have to re-measure everything again. Pure tedium. But I'm slowly getting everything done. One thing I got better at once I moved out of my family home was time-management and multi-tasking, and while I am not a domestic wunderkind by any means, I have gotten much better (my fiance will scoff at this however. I am late for all our dates).

On the bright side, one of my pieces (this one: http://www.bonanza.com/listings/The-Pale-Garden-Necklace/43659528 ) got featured on the "what's new?" front page of Bonanza.com. Pretty exciting stuff. It wasn't up for that long, but still. And yes, I took a screencap to gloat over in my old age.

... what was the point of this blog post again? I don't remember! :P So much for being better at multi-tasking. I think it was just an assurance that I would get stuff done? An attempt to post semi-regularly to this blog?

Since I have nothing more to say, here is a picture of me being devoured by a sculpture when I should have been doing homework. I know, I know, my priorities are all mixed up.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Website Woes

I decided to change the title of my blog to "beads! beads! beads!", because it sounds 1% more professional than "Penguins Dancing Down a Rainbow".

I also can no longer use my website stamp with the penguin on it, because (drumroll), my website no longer exists! All my website, blogging, and business card plans crumbled like a cookie in some schmuck's greedy fist. Well, maybe not crumbled, it's probably more of a setback since I have to start all over again.

I used to sell on Artfire, mainly because the website was easy to manage, and it was free. Sellers had the option of a basic account, or paying 10 - 12 dollars a month for special features. Just a few months ago, Artfire blindsided me (and a great number of other people) by eliminating the basic account and making all paid accounts mandatory. They gave all basic account users a few months notice to close up shop or start paying the monthly fee.

Rather than pay $120.00 a year that I can't spare, I packed up shop. Unfortunately Artfire announced this soon after my fiance surprised me with 500 extremely nice customized business cards. Poor fiance.

So yes. Artfire sucks. But really, what does one expect from a service that was absolutely free? They had no incentive to be helpful to those who held basic accounts.

So what followed was a long hiatus where I searched for a new website to sell stuff on. I considered Etsy, but I don't like how I have to pay again, to relist my items, every 4 months or so. Trust me. I don't make sales that fast!

Anyways, I'm in the midst of setting up shop at http://www.bonanza.com/ . I didn't make my specific URL available yet because I am not finished setting up (although if you follow me on Twitter you got a sneak peek). But this or next weekend I'll hopefully launch the website!

And in a few days, I'll post a little tutorial or demonstration as to what goes into my design process for jewellery.


here's a pic of my cat (willingly!) modelling jewellery for me! Isn't he a darling.