Wednesday, May 23, 2012

where in the world is Helen?

Oh my gosh. WHERE HAVE I BEEN.

I finished my first semester, I had all these projects lined up, and I was all gung-ho with this blog. Then I disappeared. I would apologize, but I don't think very many people read this blog, or care about the frequency of postings (hey, I've got a life, so does the rest of the universe).

So yeah. Several reasons why I was gone:

1) my cat Nigel has been experiencing some health problems since 2010, and it's taken a turn for the worse. Me and my fiance have been taking him back and forth from the vet's, but as of right now he is still undiagnosed. Just slowly crossing off the list things that he does NOT have.

2) we got another cat, a sweet little ball of Siamese fuzz called Elphaba (Elphie for short). She's a little scamp and unlike Nigel (who sits quietly next to me while I bead, sew, etc), she tries to jump on everything. And bite it. And eat it. This includes needles, pieces of metal, beads, and buttons. Putting it in a bag is no deterrent, she'll just chew it all open. So I moved ALL my crafting supplies back into my family home. (I hope my fiance realizes what a huge deal this was!!! :P ), No crafting supplies = nothing to blog about.

3) Various personal and family problems that suddenly came up. Blah.

4) I continue to plan this wedding, which keeps on getting bigger and bigger. It's like a weed that just keeps on growing. My guest list has grown by about 25 people, showers are being planned, stag&doe being steamrolled over me and my fiance's busy lives, little things need to be booked, etc etc. (disclaimer: yes, I am still very happy to be getting married, it's just at this point I would rather elope).

5) I was busy being awesome during my second semester. Finished with a 90% GPA. Ahem. I'm not going to be modest about this. I spent too many years not being in a Creative Writing Program, I'm going to enjoy it, dammit.

But yes. I think I'll be a more active blogger this summer because:

(I love making lists. But you should know that by now)

1) no more school

2) Nigel and me are residing at my family home, while Elphie is living with my fiance. Hence the lack of pouncing on my stuff.

3) I'm planning a wedding and I need to procrastinate.

4) my awesome mom got me a SEWING MACHINE as a shower present. YEESSSSS.

5) I'm going to be trying out some new jewellery techniques and I love to show off.

Well, that's it for tonight. I'll send everyone off with a darling picture of Nigel and Elphie. It suits their personalities perfectly.

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