Monday, June 25, 2012

Bridesmaid's Jewelry Sneak Peek

My wedding draws closer and closer every day! I'm slowly chipping away at the massive to-do list, which includes making the bridesmaid jewelry. I've already done bridesmaid jewelry for four weddings (and I'm still doing it, don't be shy to order! :P), so I want the jewelry for my own to be something really special.

YAY! What could be inside?

Now, as much as I love the Michaels Arts&Crafts Store, I haven't shopped there for jewellery supplies in years. I find shopping online yields cheaper and more unique products. And in bigger quantities. For example, buying a pendant at Michaels is around $5.99 (and on sale, too). Buying a pendant wholesale online, varies from $2 - $4.00, and you get around four pendants.

It's amazing that I can get so many unique craft supplies without ever leaving my house. A bunch of goodies arrived from Hong Kong the other day.

 I still experience childish glee whenever I recieve a package. I especially like packages from different countries, sometimes you find funny things. My supplies were all wrapped up in a sheet of Chinese newspaper.

Inside were some lovely bezels that I will fill with crystal clay for the bridesmaids jewellery!


Now I just have to order that perfect shade of orange to compliment their plum purple dresses. I also have some pretty glass flowers and crystals, but this is just a sneak peek, not an open house!

That's it for today. I had my first bridal shower yesterday and I am wiped. Just wait until my Stag&Doe at the end of this week, then I will be twice as wiped.

Oh, but I should update about my cat. Seeing as he's the star of this blog and everyone reading my posts is really just sifting through all the beads and sparklies to read about the cat.

Blood tests came back all negative! So at least he doesn't have cancer or anything. But we still have no idea what he has. The vet is fairly confident that it's a chronic case of colitis though, so I'm giving Nigel pills. Lots and lots of pills. Twice a day, then every day, then every other day. And if they work, then it will be once a week for the rest of his life. Let's hope they work!

Nigel, hiding by the stairs because he doesn't want to take any pills.

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