Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I spoil my cat

Just a quick update, as I am VERY busy planning my Stag&Doe on June 30th.

HAVE YOU BOUGHT YOUR TICKET YET? :) There's a new BBQ and Keurig coffeemaker that just might have your name on it! And over 40 raffle prizes to be won.


I had time to be crafty today, so I sewed Nigel a cat-bed. I stuffed the bottom so it's like a pillow. I meant to make a flap to put a hot water bottle in, but that would be pushing me over the line between I-love-my-cat, and I-am-crazy.

Actually, I've been making lots of fabric boxes, only the ones Nigel were claiming were way too small for him so I took pity and made him his own. Not that this will stop him from trying to climb into the other ones...

He went right to sleep in it. Cat-approved!
I can has hot water bottle?

Oh, and here are some Crystal Clay goodies I have made. Once I put some chains on them, you'll be able to buy them at the Stag&Doe!

Yes, yes, I have to post a tutorial on this. I'm still trying to figure out how to take pictures of myself while crafting. I need a crafting assistant.

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