Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Short Updates

Again, I've been very busy with the Stag&Doe.... there are now over 43 raffle prizes, and 3 door prizes.

AND, Nigel's blood test results are in! I just have to call the vet tomorrow and hopefully they'll have figured out what's the matter with the poor guy. I reallllly hope he's diagnosed soon. Half the frustration is partly due to not knowing what he has.

I'm going to post a tutorial on Crystal Clay soon. People keep on asking me how I do it, or thinking that I buy the pendants (a wonderful compliment! I like it when my pieces look professional).

Soooo I might as well show people how I made them! I'm thinking I should type up a thing and put it with the jewellery at craft shows, just so people know that I made them.

I'll post the tutorial tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Now it's back to the endless emails, phone calls, wrapping stuff, making stuff... all the fun stuff that comes with a wedding and stag&doe.

Just to tide you over 'til then...

Some crystal clay pendants I made:

I'll be posting tutorials about these soon. I especially like that middle one, the process was pretty cool.

Until then, cheers!

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