Saturday, July 28, 2012

This and That (and cats)

Just a quick update today.

Whenever I am organizing and cleaning my room, Nigel loves to cram himself into weird spots. It's like he has to sample every new and unfamiliar space. I don't blame him. I haven't seen the surface of my desk in months.

o hai human, did u need this space? NOPE

That Canada sticker did NOT come off willingly. There are streaks all over my headboard. fml.

But yes. Childhood drawings and posters. Out! Old credit card statements from last year. Out! Knick-Knacks... packed away! Clothes... I have too many clothes. And shoes.

And yeah, my cat has some food stuck to his nose.

Monday, July 23, 2012

"Short" Updates

No updates for a while, but I'm back! Lots of "stuff" going on: good, bad, in-between. And everything comes in threes!


1) Me and my fiance were offered an apartment on campus for the school year, only it's smaller than the one we had before and THEY WON'T LET US VIEW IT. No one is allowed to view any unit and yet they still expect people to sign leases. Due to a lack of security resources. This stone-brained decision from this school does not surprise me. They have lots of security incidents on campus so rather than actually doing something about it they decide that it's a far better idea to not let their students view a unit before signing a lease.

I'm not joking. We are not allowed to see it. At all. (luckily the lease is month-to-month so if it's really bad, we can leave. We considered it already, but.... living on campus is so convenient)

2) I still waste my time reading random articles on the internet. But this one is pretty cool:

I've always been fascinated about space since I was little. Still am. Now I feel like watching ET.

3) I am no longer living with my family. (I won't elaborate. It's a long awkward story). The place I am at now, while great, does not have good lighting for jewellery photography :( ... hence the lack of jewellery related blog posts for the past week or so.


1) me and the vet are 95% sure that Nigel has Colitis. We're slowly narrowing down causes and trying out some extreme hypo-allergenic food, dry and soft. He seems to be improving. At a snail's pace, but improving. The swelling in his intestine has gone down, apparently.

Nigel still needs a pill once a day. I trick him into eating it. He spits it out. I trick him again. It's a game. I'm so used to taking care of him I'll probably treat my future children like cats. Minus the swearing and cursing when they try to avoid taking pills by sprinting all over the room and trying to bury their face in random items such as blankets, a cat cave, my armpit, etc.

2) I'm not living at my family home anymore. Did I mention this was awkward? On the bright side, my sudden move made my parents realize that my sisters don't have to share a room anymore and will renovate my room. It needs it. Badly. The ceiling light has not worked for 5 years (I operated on sunlight, and three different lamps). The walls are white. The carpet is blah. So it's a good excuse to completely clear out my room and no one's offended because I'm clearing it out for "renovations", not because I decided it was healthier to be somewhere else.

3) How the F did I end up with so much STUFF! 22 years of sentimentality clogging up my room. Moving out of the house wouldn't be so sloooooow if I didn't acquire so much junk, and crafting supplies, and knick knacks, and figurines, and souvenirs. I also have way too many clothes and shoes. My fiance would like to interject and label this all under 'junk', by the way.


1) I got all the courses I wanted for the second year of my Creative Writing MFA. Novel-writing, Screenplay, and Teaching Creative Writing. I really have to ramp up my writing output and start my thesis novel. I have to send off some short stories to magazines. I have some pretty big ambitions for this year and the next, so don't be too surprised if my "BEADS! BEADS! BEADS!" blog becomes some sort of "BEADS! WRITING! CATS!" mish mash.

2) I am slowly narrowing down this gargantuan to-do list involving my wedding. And it's not big stuff. Just mountains of little details. Poor fiance. This whole week, he's had to look at wedding cake and favours and my various angry faces as the to-do list slowly squashes my brain. He's a tolerant guy. This is good. Because I'm going a little crazy.

3) I move back to TO in August. This cannot come soon enough. I'm not exactly a city-person (what am I saying, I love the city! I just may not like people...). But I love having my own apartment with my fiance. It's a little haven where I can get a lot of writing and beading and thinking done with very little interruption.

So, my life is a little topsy-turvy right now. But that's okay.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So Many Flowers

Just a short update today. My parents are, at long last, redoing the front of their house, hacking away bushes and dying trees in order to make room for flowers. Soon the yard will be filled with mini rose bushes and hydrangeas.

Not surprisingly, I had flowers on the mind as I was making jewellery today:

I love making whole sets. Sometimes three pieces tell a story better than one.
the bracelet is my favourite

Sigh.... soon I will be moving back to Toronto! Then it will be back to school and I'll be juggling jewellery and writing again. Hopefully Elphaba will be less excitable when she sees beads rolling around (unlikely), and hopefully Nigel will be cured of his mystery illness.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Business Cards!

My new business cards! THEY ARE HERE! I'm so excited.

Those of you who know me, will know of the great business card fiasco of a few months ago. I used to sell on, and my lovely fiance surprised me one day with 500 business cards, a pen, a stamp, the whole works.

Then a week later, decided to pull the rug out from all of its free user accounts. It was basically: "we have decided that all users should pay. You have 50 days to decide if you want to pay $12 a month or sell somewhere else".

Poor fiance. He meant well.

I'm not willing to pay over $120 a year for sales that I might not make! So I jumped ship and moved to , where I am much happier (and have made some sales). Unlike Artfire, which was completely free, this site will charge a small fee if I sell something, but hey, I find the fees translate to a better site and better service.

So I finally decided to buy new business cards. Aren't they pretty? I love how they have a photo of my jewellery. Now they are truly personalized.

My only disappointment is that they are a little dull, having a matte finish, but I'm cheap and will spend more $$$ on gloss on the next batch.

Also: big updates on my website! All my crystal clay jewellery is on there now. If you were at my Stag&Doe and happened to buy a piece (or two), you'll notice that they are a little more expensive now. That's because at the Stag&Doe I was selling these unique pieces at a discount! Lucky you.

Check it all out:

Monday, July 2, 2012

Time to Relax? Nope.

The Stag&Doe is finally over, thank goodness. It was a fun night, and its always nice to see so many smiling people walk away with so many prizes! But so stressful.... now I have another bridal shower, a cake appointment, and a menu tasting coming up... as well as an 80th birthday party for my fiance's grandpa, and finishing up my handmade church decorations.

Oh yeah, and OSAP, and course registration. (I have a life outside of this wedding? What?)

And monitering my cat, who appears to be improving slightly.

Me and my fiance are at the point where we just want to be married already! Our plan is to wrap up the rest of our wedding to-do list by the end of July, then escape back to the grand city of TO where no one can bother us except our cats.

I'd say one of the hardest things to do for a wedding is to deal with so many people. When it's me and my fiance booking and organizing, it's super easy. We're a good team. But when more and more people get involved, you have to coordinate more, you have to listen to a hundred different opinions and suggestions, and there's always the risk of people stepping on each other's toes, or someone getting upset because something can't happen, or something isn't possible. Then you have to keep the peace.

Sigh... it's a busy time. But it's fun. You get to exercise your social skills (or develop some).

More bead-related updates coming soon. I ordered new business cards and they are fantastic.