Friday, July 6, 2012

Business Cards!

My new business cards! THEY ARE HERE! I'm so excited.

Those of you who know me, will know of the great business card fiasco of a few months ago. I used to sell on, and my lovely fiance surprised me one day with 500 business cards, a pen, a stamp, the whole works.

Then a week later, decided to pull the rug out from all of its free user accounts. It was basically: "we have decided that all users should pay. You have 50 days to decide if you want to pay $12 a month or sell somewhere else".

Poor fiance. He meant well.

I'm not willing to pay over $120 a year for sales that I might not make! So I jumped ship and moved to , where I am much happier (and have made some sales). Unlike Artfire, which was completely free, this site will charge a small fee if I sell something, but hey, I find the fees translate to a better site and better service.

So I finally decided to buy new business cards. Aren't they pretty? I love how they have a photo of my jewellery. Now they are truly personalized.

My only disappointment is that they are a little dull, having a matte finish, but I'm cheap and will spend more $$$ on gloss on the next batch.

Also: big updates on my website! All my crystal clay jewellery is on there now. If you were at my Stag&Doe and happened to buy a piece (or two), you'll notice that they are a little more expensive now. That's because at the Stag&Doe I was selling these unique pieces at a discount! Lucky you.

Check it all out:

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  1. It just make me simile..these are awesome..thanks for sharing it with us as i might need this design for Metal business cards.