Monday, July 2, 2012

Time to Relax? Nope.

The Stag&Doe is finally over, thank goodness. It was a fun night, and its always nice to see so many smiling people walk away with so many prizes! But so stressful.... now I have another bridal shower, a cake appointment, and a menu tasting coming up... as well as an 80th birthday party for my fiance's grandpa, and finishing up my handmade church decorations.

Oh yeah, and OSAP, and course registration. (I have a life outside of this wedding? What?)

And monitering my cat, who appears to be improving slightly.

Me and my fiance are at the point where we just want to be married already! Our plan is to wrap up the rest of our wedding to-do list by the end of July, then escape back to the grand city of TO where no one can bother us except our cats.

I'd say one of the hardest things to do for a wedding is to deal with so many people. When it's me and my fiance booking and organizing, it's super easy. We're a good team. But when more and more people get involved, you have to coordinate more, you have to listen to a hundred different opinions and suggestions, and there's always the risk of people stepping on each other's toes, or someone getting upset because something can't happen, or something isn't possible. Then you have to keep the peace.

Sigh... it's a busy time. But it's fun. You get to exercise your social skills (or develop some).

More bead-related updates coming soon. I ordered new business cards and they are fantastic.

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