Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Before and After

Just a quick update for now, on all things jewellery-related.

Before and After:

Pretty cool! The cuff and the ring are done, they just need some polishing. The bracelet components I'll connect together and add to the store sometime this week.

I also created a facebook page that you can find (and 'like', please!) here:


Friday, August 24, 2012

Gremlins in my Cupboard

Well, I'm back in good old TO for the next two school semesters. Should be a fun ride. My goal for last year was pretty simple: survive living on my own! Or at least, on my own with my fiance and two cats. I did pretty well. Learned to cook, went on the Subway, wrote around a hundred pages of new material.

So this year my goals have branched out to:

- keep the apartment clean
- be extremely productive (writing and jewellery)
- cook more Asian food

I tend to bake lots of Canadian recipes. YUM. My fiance however, eats this food all the time, whereas I don't, so we tend to be at an impasse whenever we ask each other what we crave to eat. He wants rice, I want pasta.... etc,etc. Example: at a mall food court, I am frequently seen with a sandwich, and him with an Asian dish and chopsticks.

Anyways. My new apartment is TINY. Probably about half the size of my apartment last year. It wouldn't be so bad if we could furnish it ourselves (IKEA, I love you), but it comes with that clunky, large, indestructible residence furniture.

Me and my fiance were a little stunned when we saw it for the first time. That was an understatement, by the way. However, thanks to my wonderful in-laws, we arranged all the furniture, and what was once unusable space is now a cozy little place to live.

Still, there's no saving the kitchen, which you can't rearrange. It's pretty clear that people designing residence living space simply don't care because they won't be living there.

For example, the drawers in my kitchen cannot open fully because the immovable fridge is in the way. And they cannot fit your standard cutlery organizer.

And, this darling cupboard here:

Pretty narrow, isn't it? Me and the fiance had a good laugh when we opened it. What the hell was the point of this?

Deeper inside:

Look at all that space! Unfortunately you have to have really long and bendy arms to reach it.

Like, what were they thinking? There was obviously some leftover space so they randomly threw in a cupboard. I refuse to call this storage space. Maybe it's actually living space for some small rodent. Or a house brownie. Or a gremlin. Maybe a whole family of gremlins.

This little cave reminds me of Paranormal Activity somehow, like it's a little hidey-hole for that demon-thing. If I hear footsteps and see random doors opening, all I have to do is look in this tiny cupboard and go "hello demon, here is a glass of milk and leftover pasta", and he'll go "oh wow, you're a nice gal. How about I go haunt the idiots who designed this stupid thing?"

On the bright side, I am all unpacked now, which means that I can make jewellery and people can bother me and remind me that I am getting married in a month (what? I still have stuff to do? what's that? Noo... I'm busy hiding). 

Well, I'm off to tackle that bridesmaids jewellery that I have to finish.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Great Purge

Wow, my wedding-themed post got a fair number of hits. I guess weddings are more exciting than cats and beads (I know, crazy, right?).

Anyway. Now that I'm getting married and moving out of my room at my parents' house for good, I've been slowly emptying it of approximately 22 years of stuff.

Stuff is a scary word to me, at least where my room is concerned. The sheer volume of pens, knick-knacks, little boxes, figurines, books, beads, random tools, shoes, clothes, and stuffed animals is INSANE. How did I get all this? Or, in the case of the piggy bank shaped like a pink square of tofu, why?

So. I've probably gone on some sort of trip every other year. That's 2 - 4 knick knacks per trip. Then there's birthdays, Christmases, random shopping frenzies... And the clothes. So many clothes. (and yet I bought more clothes just the other day. Don't tell my fiance!) Then there's all the books. I read like a fiend and in some ways I don't like libraries because it involves giving the book back at some point. So I have a million books. I also went through a Lord of the Rings phase when I was 10 - 14 years old so I have LOTR merchandise and collectibles everywhere. Kijiji? Tempting.

Luckily it's not about organizing the mess, because it was all sorted in The Great Purge of several years ago. Basically my fiance (although he was my boyfriend then) marched into my room one day with 5 garbage bags and helped me clear out 3/4 of my room. So now, with The Great Purge II, it's more about moving my stuff into storage.

Lots of boxes. Lots of stairs. Huff puff puff.

Obviously I am procrastinating at the moment to write this blog.

Because cleaning ones room is SO BORING.

On a less boring note, I was on an earring kick last week and made these:

I've never paid attention to earrings much. Mainly because my own ears were not pierced. But I got them pierced for the very first time last week and I can't wait until I can wear my own creations! Besides, I find I get more requests for business cards when I wear my own stuff.

These earrings will be on my website soon! In the meantime, it has been updated with many necklaces and bracelets: http://www.bonanza.com/booths/Beaded_Bohemian

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

all rain and no beads

Yeah, yeah, I was gone for a while. But guess what?! I was CAMPING.

Those of you who know me will probably wonder how I could possibly enjoy camping. Bugs, outhouses, and an all-encompassing bead ban (my fiance's a law student. He's pretty thorough). However, I actually do enjoy camping. I love hikes, I love animals, and I'm okay with being rained on and getting dirty. Plus my fiance has a tendency to solve my problems very quickly. I have an irrational fear of bears, so he got me a bear-bell. I hate mosquitos, so he got me super-duper strong bug spray. He allowed me to make an emergency beading kit... actually, he didn't know about that one.

Anyways. Rambling. I love camping. I don't like people. Hence the camping being so enjoyable. Nobody can contact me for a whole weekend. Me and the fiance will try interior camping next year. Even better!

(Disclaimer: I actually do like people. Most of the time. Then again, I love living in Toronto, where it's basically a long camping trip where no one can find/contact me, only there are proper washrooms, beads, no bugs, and two cats)

This photo was actually from when I camped at Arrowhead (awesome place, highly recommended) some moons ago. This year I went to Laurel Creek, and I'm afraid the only wild animal of note that I saw there was a skunk, and you will understand why I didn't take a picture of it. I was too busy backing away and running for my life. 

A few days away with the fiance and some friends was just what I needed. I was happy to see this little lady when I got back though. Remember little Elphaba? Not so little any more. I doubt she'll ever outgrow her ability to make mischief though.

And not to leave Nigel out:

Have I mentioned that he likes sitting on random things? Also, you can really see the difference in their general expressions. Elphie is usually all "hello, I am dignified. what? mischief? me?", whereas Nigel has the wide-eyed, pleading "HI THERE I WAS JUST SLEEPING HI I AM SITTING I AM GOOD DONT BE MAD AT ME I AM A CAT", when really it was Elphie who opened up all my packaged jewellery and spread it around the apartment and all Nigel did was sleep and sit on a purse.

Next blog post will hopefully be a comparison of the three big epoxy clay brands: Crystal Clay, Decore, and Apoxie Sculpt. I have now tried them all... dun dun dunnn