Tuesday, August 7, 2012

all rain and no beads

Yeah, yeah, I was gone for a while. But guess what?! I was CAMPING.

Those of you who know me will probably wonder how I could possibly enjoy camping. Bugs, outhouses, and an all-encompassing bead ban (my fiance's a law student. He's pretty thorough). However, I actually do enjoy camping. I love hikes, I love animals, and I'm okay with being rained on and getting dirty. Plus my fiance has a tendency to solve my problems very quickly. I have an irrational fear of bears, so he got me a bear-bell. I hate mosquitos, so he got me super-duper strong bug spray. He allowed me to make an emergency beading kit... actually, he didn't know about that one.

Anyways. Rambling. I love camping. I don't like people. Hence the camping being so enjoyable. Nobody can contact me for a whole weekend. Me and the fiance will try interior camping next year. Even better!

(Disclaimer: I actually do like people. Most of the time. Then again, I love living in Toronto, where it's basically a long camping trip where no one can find/contact me, only there are proper washrooms, beads, no bugs, and two cats)

This photo was actually from when I camped at Arrowhead (awesome place, highly recommended) some moons ago. This year I went to Laurel Creek, and I'm afraid the only wild animal of note that I saw there was a skunk, and you will understand why I didn't take a picture of it. I was too busy backing away and running for my life. 

A few days away with the fiance and some friends was just what I needed. I was happy to see this little lady when I got back though. Remember little Elphaba? Not so little any more. I doubt she'll ever outgrow her ability to make mischief though.

And not to leave Nigel out:

Have I mentioned that he likes sitting on random things? Also, you can really see the difference in their general expressions. Elphie is usually all "hello, I am dignified. what? mischief? me?", whereas Nigel has the wide-eyed, pleading "HI THERE I WAS JUST SLEEPING HI I AM SITTING I AM GOOD DONT BE MAD AT ME I AM A CAT", when really it was Elphie who opened up all my packaged jewellery and spread it around the apartment and all Nigel did was sleep and sit on a purse.

Next blog post will hopefully be a comparison of the three big epoxy clay brands: Crystal Clay, Decore, and Apoxie Sculpt. I have now tried them all... dun dun dunnn

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