Friday, August 24, 2012

Gremlins in my Cupboard

Well, I'm back in good old TO for the next two school semesters. Should be a fun ride. My goal for last year was pretty simple: survive living on my own! Or at least, on my own with my fiance and two cats. I did pretty well. Learned to cook, went on the Subway, wrote around a hundred pages of new material.

So this year my goals have branched out to:

- keep the apartment clean
- be extremely productive (writing and jewellery)
- cook more Asian food

I tend to bake lots of Canadian recipes. YUM. My fiance however, eats this food all the time, whereas I don't, so we tend to be at an impasse whenever we ask each other what we crave to eat. He wants rice, I want pasta.... etc,etc. Example: at a mall food court, I am frequently seen with a sandwich, and him with an Asian dish and chopsticks.

Anyways. My new apartment is TINY. Probably about half the size of my apartment last year. It wouldn't be so bad if we could furnish it ourselves (IKEA, I love you), but it comes with that clunky, large, indestructible residence furniture.

Me and my fiance were a little stunned when we saw it for the first time. That was an understatement, by the way. However, thanks to my wonderful in-laws, we arranged all the furniture, and what was once unusable space is now a cozy little place to live.

Still, there's no saving the kitchen, which you can't rearrange. It's pretty clear that people designing residence living space simply don't care because they won't be living there.

For example, the drawers in my kitchen cannot open fully because the immovable fridge is in the way. And they cannot fit your standard cutlery organizer.

And, this darling cupboard here:

Pretty narrow, isn't it? Me and the fiance had a good laugh when we opened it. What the hell was the point of this?

Deeper inside:

Look at all that space! Unfortunately you have to have really long and bendy arms to reach it.

Like, what were they thinking? There was obviously some leftover space so they randomly threw in a cupboard. I refuse to call this storage space. Maybe it's actually living space for some small rodent. Or a house brownie. Or a gremlin. Maybe a whole family of gremlins.

This little cave reminds me of Paranormal Activity somehow, like it's a little hidey-hole for that demon-thing. If I hear footsteps and see random doors opening, all I have to do is look in this tiny cupboard and go "hello demon, here is a glass of milk and leftover pasta", and he'll go "oh wow, you're a nice gal. How about I go haunt the idiots who designed this stupid thing?"

On the bright side, I am all unpacked now, which means that I can make jewellery and people can bother me and remind me that I am getting married in a month (what? I still have stuff to do? what's that? Noo... I'm busy hiding). 

Well, I'm off to tackle that bridesmaids jewellery that I have to finish.

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