Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Great Purge

Wow, my wedding-themed post got a fair number of hits. I guess weddings are more exciting than cats and beads (I know, crazy, right?).

Anyway. Now that I'm getting married and moving out of my room at my parents' house for good, I've been slowly emptying it of approximately 22 years of stuff.

Stuff is a scary word to me, at least where my room is concerned. The sheer volume of pens, knick-knacks, little boxes, figurines, books, beads, random tools, shoes, clothes, and stuffed animals is INSANE. How did I get all this? Or, in the case of the piggy bank shaped like a pink square of tofu, why?

So. I've probably gone on some sort of trip every other year. That's 2 - 4 knick knacks per trip. Then there's birthdays, Christmases, random shopping frenzies... And the clothes. So many clothes. (and yet I bought more clothes just the other day. Don't tell my fiance!) Then there's all the books. I read like a fiend and in some ways I don't like libraries because it involves giving the book back at some point. So I have a million books. I also went through a Lord of the Rings phase when I was 10 - 14 years old so I have LOTR merchandise and collectibles everywhere. Kijiji? Tempting.

Luckily it's not about organizing the mess, because it was all sorted in The Great Purge of several years ago. Basically my fiance (although he was my boyfriend then) marched into my room one day with 5 garbage bags and helped me clear out 3/4 of my room. So now, with The Great Purge II, it's more about moving my stuff into storage.

Lots of boxes. Lots of stairs. Huff puff puff.

Obviously I am procrastinating at the moment to write this blog.

Because cleaning ones room is SO BORING.

On a less boring note, I was on an earring kick last week and made these:

I've never paid attention to earrings much. Mainly because my own ears were not pierced. But I got them pierced for the very first time last week and I can't wait until I can wear my own creations! Besides, I find I get more requests for business cards when I wear my own stuff.

These earrings will be on my website soon! In the meantime, it has been updated with many necklaces and bracelets: http://www.bonanza.com/booths/Beaded_Bohemian

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