Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tutorial - Crystal Clay and Charms

Just a quick tutorial for now (school's started for me!). I know I promised a review of the three different kinds of Epoxy Clay, but that has to wait until I have some new packages of the stuff. Because once it's out of the package, there's no visual difference. And I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to tutorials and photo quality. So here's something else I promised instead:

Dragon Charm Ring Tutorial

For this tutorial, I'll show you how I made this ring...

My sad attempt to make a yinyang with the Czech Preciosa crystals. OH WELL. It's still sparkly.

Step 1: Materials

You'll see in my previous Crystal Clay tutorial HERE that I already explained what you need for basic crystal clay work. So in this tutorial I'll assume you know that and merely present the most important components. Your ring base/bezel and the charm that you want to put in it.

Step 2: Preparing your charm

Now the charm will look silly pressed into the ring with the loop. So what you need to do is take a pair of wire cutters...

... and do this:

Very carefully, and I repeat, very carefully snip the loop off. Some charms will be tougher than others. Sometimes it's easier to break them off, sometimes it's a quick snip, and sometimes you have to press the cutters hard to make a groove and then break it off. Experiment. Make sure you have more than one of the charm.

Step 3: Adding Crystal Clay

This part is where measuring the Crystal Clay is important. You want the charm to lie flat with the edge of the bezel, so the clay itself has to be flat. Otherwise the clay will bulge out beside your charm and it will look unprofessional. And by measuring, I mean getting really good at eyeballing what you need! (kidding). Just make what you think is appropriate, then pinch the extra out and smooth it over with water. See my previous tutorial for those little tricks.

Carefully press the charm into the clay until the edges are covered. Make sure the area you snipped off is covered, so the sharp edge won't hurt anyone.

Tip: a little less clay than what you need is good. The big charm will displace some of the clay, as well as the crystals you add.

Tip#2: I find Crystal Clay has the best texture for this. DeCore Clay is too hard to be properly sticky, and ApoxieSculpt is too wet and your charm will just sink in unless you let the Apoxie sit for 20 minutes before adding your charm.

Step 4: BLING
If you've read my previous tutorial, you should already know how to add your crystal chatons. Add as many as you want until your ring is sparkly enough (when is it ever enough), let your clay cure for 12 hours and poof, you have yourself a Crystal Clay ring with a charm!

It looks very big on me, but trust me. I have child hands. It will look great on anybody else.

You can find the ring for sale here at my online store: GREEN DRAGON adjustable Crystal Clay ring

(Or since I've showed you, make your own!)

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