Sunday, October 21, 2012

Going, going... gone

Well, it's been an interesting year so far for jewellery. No craft shows this year (my stag&doe doesn't really count), but hopefully there will be some in December and spring of 2013. It was a slow year for sales, but I got a new website, and business cards - not to mention most of my jewellery production this year was focused on making jewellery for my own wedding.

A lot of people like asking me: how busy are your sales?

My honest answer is: inconsistent! I either don't sell anything for a while, or there's a period where I'll sell five pieces in a week (or twenty at a craft show). Normally, sales pick up around Christmas, and summer (wedding season). I also do custom orders and jewellery repairs throughout the year.

The fact is, I'm a student in a very demanding MFA program! Jewellery is a hobby. Maintaining a website and an internet presence is a lot of work, and if I were serious about jewellery sales, I would be hitting up craft shows all over Canada, getting some small-business insurance, and making ten pieces a week instead of ten a month. I can't really do that at this point.

I guess an example would be my facebook page:
(please like if you haven't already!)

Recently, I posted a status about a Christmas Giveaway, to which nobody answered. If I were running my jewellery business full-time, my immediate thought would be: how do I reach more people so that 'fans' of my page will be more active, and more likely to purchase something?

Alas, I have several assignments on the go, an apartment to take care of, and a thesis novel to write, so instead of being sad I tend to shrug and giggle at myself before moving on to other tasks. Which is why, again, sales are slow. But that's okay, because I simply don't have time! I'm happy with less sales, as long as my pieces go to people who I know will love and appreciate them.

So hopefully that explains my sporadic jewellery productivity.

And with that, here are some well-loved pieces that I sold or gifted in the past few months. I only make a piece twice at the most, so these lovelies are gone for good - unless someone has a special request.

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