Thursday, October 18, 2012

the wedding and the mini-moon


Finally, I'm married!

For the record, married life is pretty well the same as normal life, only every day once in a while I grab C's hand and go "you have a SHINY", either in my head or out loud. Depends what mood he's in and how many people are around. Obviously we are excited to be married but really, at the end of the day... we're still the exact same two people we were before.

So we thought we'd have all this leisure time after the wedding! Um, no.

Schoolwork. Lots and lots of schoolwork. And midterms. And readings. Me and C were behind by about a month, so ever since we got back from the mini-moon (explanations later), we've been swamped by EVERYTHING. Hence my disappearance from the blogosphere.

I still have to write thank you cards. Helpppp meee.

Anyways. Wedding went awesomely. Me and C were just astounded by how on-time we were with everything. I expected to be rushed through photographs, dinner, getting ready, but everything went the way it should.

Except somehow we ended up with two cakes to bring home. You know, that top layer that you freeze and save for later? Hmmm. At least I can recognize my own cake, thanks to photos, but what about the other one? It belongs to someone else! What do I do with it? If I throw it away, will it create some cosmic ripple of events that ends someones marriage?

Obviously not. I've just always wanted to write something like that.

The mini-moon happened in New York City. I was so excited. I hadn't been there since I was tiny. Basically, my in-laws paid for a honeymoon in December, so me and C decided to have a 'mini-moon' right after our wedding, because trips are great.

And costly. We stayed at the London Hotel, where one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants is, and breakfast for two would have cost over NINETY DOLLARS before tax. (room service cereal is $12 before mandatory gratuities, whaaat, that's still not a good deal)

.... we had breakfast elsewhere. As much as me and C like to spoil ourselves, we draw the line at a forty dollar fried egg.

Photos? Sure.

Walking along Times Square. I like to describe it as an extreme mashup of Toronto and Niagara Falls' Clifton Hill

THE BALTO STATUE!!!!!! It was my favorite movie as a kid. I was so happy to see this.

Hey look, it's me.

My horrible photo of the Statue of Liberty. I blame it on a rocking sailboat and two glasses of champagne.

Me and C had a fun time picking out all the first dates rowing by.

Red Pandas at the Central Park Zoo! I love them. I want one. Pleeeease.

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