Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Crystal Clay Bridesmaids' Jewellery

Ahhh, my wedding photos have arrived! I am so happy with them... and the photographer was kind enough to take photos of some of the bridesmaids' jewellery!
I have to give a special thank-you to The Beading Room, one of the main websites that I get my supplies from. They are awesome!!! I had spent months searching the internet for the perfect shade of epoxy clay to go with the dresses and flowers, and was about to give up. The owner, Hollie, ordered in a special shade of DeCore clay that I needed, AND found me the perfect purple crystals to go with it.

If you need beading supplies, this is the place to go! Check out the Beading Room here:
I hope you enjoy the photos!
If you need custom made jewellery for your own wedding (I've made jewellery for 8 weddings now), you are welcome to view my portfolio here:

Photos are by the wonderful Tamsen Donker of Creative Clicks photography, check her website out here: