Monday, December 3, 2012

New Products (and just in time for Christmas too!)

Ahhh, I've been so impatient to update my blog with all my new creations!

The problem with winter is the lack of good lighting for jewellery photography. Luckily, today was quite sunny, so I immediately grabbed my camera and went right to work.

I can now make.....

Stud earrings!


Pocketwatch necklaces! (Batteries included).


And my favourite.... stamped Crystal Clay necklaces! (tutorial forthcoming)

Just in time for Christmas, folks! All of these make fabulous gifts (I highly recommend the pocketwatch necklaces. Vintage, unique, and very 'in' this year).
Well what are you waiting for! Run to my website and shop, shop, shop!
Note on shipping: Any orders placed by the 18th, WILL arrive on time for Christmas.

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