Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brief Hiatus.... ended! (and info on Valentines Day Commissions)

I must apologize for my absence from the blog.... December was a month where:

1) I had to hand in final projects and portfolios for my Masters program.
2) I was swamped with jewellery orders (mostly for custom pieces), all of which had to arrive by Christmas.
3) I was preparing for my honeymoon. Then I went on my honeymoon.
4) I was kind of ill on and off throughout December. Then I was really sick the week before my honeymoon. Then I got better for the honeymoon. Then after the honeymoon I got sick again, and I have not starting improving until... today, actually. I must have had some form of the flu, it basically knocked me off my feet for almost two weeks.
5) I did try to update with my 'Stamping Crystal Clay' tutorial a few days ago but my computer won't let me upload photos to Blogger. Being technologically backwards, my solution was to ignore my computer for a while in the hopes that this problem would fix itself. Um, it hasn't.
6) My sickness put me very behind for class, so I have been frantically trying to catch up with school-related things.

I am behind. So very, very behind. I have spring jewellery to design and make, a thesis to finish (300-400 pages of first draft done by this August), an apartment to take care of, and online classes. Ohhhh, online classes. They seem really easy... I'm sure some are. Mine are not. Basically you're expected to contribute twice the work you normally would if you were attending a physical class, AND you are expected to teach yourself the material and be self-disciplined enough to learn it, apply it, and hand in some sort of masterpiece to show for it. Well, not exactly a masterpiece. But it has to be really good.

Anyways.... I'm at 1489 pageviews. This is AWESOME! I have to make up some sort of giveaway (Canadian only) at some point.

I'm aiming for Valentines Day to release my spring jewellery pieces. I know, I know. Weird day to do it. But the thing is....

I'm not doing Valentines Day commissions this year. I have approximately 300 pages to write in a couple of months. Wayyyy too busy.

So yeah: if you do need a piece in time for Valentines Day.... if you really, really, REALLY need something. If it is your last resort... Then sure. Message me. If it's not essential, then just imagine me hunched over a computer with a cup of Baileys and ice, unshowered for approximately 3 days and covered with a blanket that is covered with cat hair. Typing. Furiously. And then just leave it at that and commission me for Mother's Day instead. ;)

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