Monday, April 8, 2013

Bracelet Giveaway(CLOSED)Canadian Residents only

The winner of this giveaway is AMY COSTA and the giveaway is closed. :) There will be another once my blog reaches 3000 views.

2000 views on my blog! Who'd have thought? My jewellery making has been and probably always will be a small, humble endeavor, but I do enjoy blogging and sharing my knowledge with others.

I also enjoy making people feel pretty!

Mother's Day is right around the corner. Here's your chance to win this pretty bracelet:

This bracelet is made from crystal clay, and has been stamped and pigmented. It is embedded with a mix of Swarovski and Czech Preciosa crystals.



 This giveaway will run from today (April 8) to Monday April 15th.
  1. You have to 'like' my facebook page ( )
  2. You have to leave a comment on this blog post. (anonymous comments will be disqualified)
  3. You have to be a resident of Canada.
***If you've also 'shared' my facebook page and mentioned that I am taking custom orders for Mother's Day, you will get entered into the draw TWICE. :)

*** On midnight April 15th the giveaway will end. I will print out all the comments on this post, throw them in a bin, and draw a lucky winner! I will post the winner April 16th. Once they contact me, I will ship the bracelet to the lucky winner in time for Mother's Day!

And there you have it! 'Like' and 'Share' away. (and good luck!)


See more photos of this pretty bracelet:
This bracelet is very flattering and will fit any wrist, small or large.

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  1. This bracelet looks amazing, Helen! Keep up the good work.