Wednesday, May 29, 2013

(CLOSED) Crystal Clay Ring Giveaway - Canadian AND U.S. residents.

My giveaways are now facebook exclusive. Please go to the top right of my blog to see my facebook page! :)

This giveaway is now closed. All the names of those who liked my facebook page AND commented on my blog/facebook post were placed in a bag and a winner was drawn.

The winner of this giveaway is Claire! Claire has been contacted and the ring will be delivered to her ASAP. :)

Well that was quick. Over 3000 views on my blog already! I'm going to have to change my giveaway requirements, otherwise I'll end up giving away jewellery every month!

So, to thank my blog readers and customers, I'm going to give a lucky commenter a chance to win this cocktail ring:

This adjustable ring was made with crystal clay, Swarovski & Czech Preciosa crystals, and dusted with gold pigment that has been permanently bonded with the clay. The clay has been stamped with gold ink.

Perfect for parties! (and anything else, really...)



 This giveaway will run from today (May 29) to Tuesday (June 4).
  1. You have to 'like' my facebook page ( )
  2. You have to leave a comment on this blog post, with your name. 
  3. You have to be a resident of Canada or the USA.
***You don't need to get a blogger account to comment on my posts. When you go to write a comment, just select "anonymous" on the pull-down tab. Just remember to sign your name in the comment!

*** On midnight Tuesday June 4th, the giveaway will end. I will print out all the comments on this post, throw them in a bin, and draw a lucky winner! I will post the winner June 5th. Once they contact me, I will ship the ring to the lucky winner!
UPDATE: any comments on a giveaway post on my facebook page will also be counted as votes.

And there you have it! 'Like' and Comment away. (and good luck!)
***The next giveaway will be when this blog reaches 5000 views.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crystal Clay & Game of Thrones - Part 4, House Tully

Okaaay, well although my latest Game of Thrones-inspired jewellery installment is very late, do know that it was because I was waiting for an order of apoxie clay to come in. Which it did. (and also because I was completing a lesson plan for my job).

And so, I present to you, House Tully! I'm so glad HBO was able to include all the Tully's this season, I think the Blackfish and Edmure are spot on. The show really knows how to make me feel for the characters... I am quite ambivalent towards Catelyn Tully/Stark in the book, but on the show she can bring me to tears. She had several great scenes in Season 3, I think.

My one quibble is that Lysa isn't fat. Now don't get me wrong, I love most of the changes on the show. I'm not the kind of reader to quibble over a character's eyebrow hair or eye colour. But I think it would have been cool to have Catelyn's sister be such a physical contrast to her.

Anyways. On to the jewellery! I'm pretty sure a Tully won't be sitting the Iron Throne by the end, but they're still pretty cool.

This was the first time I worked with multiple colours of clay in one bezel. I loved it! And of course I have a fish. I noticed towards the end that the fish has a flower on its tail... oops. Oh well. I'm sure Edmure secretly likes flowers. :P

I made a bracelet to match. Nothing too fancy.

I figured out a new way to stamp/pigment clay while making this bracelet!
And then a pretty necklace! Something that Lysa might wear. The Tully sisters seem to favour blues. It goes so nice with their hair. I used a copper metal in all the pieces as a sort of nod to the famous Tully colouring.

And that's it for now! Check in next week for another House!


For the previous installments of my Game of Thrones-inspired jewellery posts, see below:

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DISCLAIMER: The jewellery I make in this blog series are original designs and NOT copies of those made by HBO.  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life Updates (and as always, with cats)

Hi everyone! Just checking in with some life updates and business-related housekeeping as I prepare for a very, very busy week.

First of all, jewellery updates have been slow. There are several reasons for this:

1) I GOT A JOB! That's my super amazing news. I'm going to be a Program Director, aka creative writing instructor at a summer arts camp. I'm currently tearing out my hair designing a 2 week lesson plan, plus elective workshops, for a group of kids age 13 - 18. Plus there's training and all manner of paperwork to do. Aaah.

It's just for a month, and the pay isn't high, but man oh man, I needed this. Badly. It's a small step in the direction of my chosen career. So yes, it's been hard to sit down and design jewellery when I have writing exercises running through my head going "pick me! pick me!"

2) I have a few bigger jewellery projects to work on. I've been meaning to design a summer collection, but I received two big jewellery commissions for this summer. Basically I'm designing and making customized jewellery for two weddings, one in June and one in September. If you plan on asking me how this could possibly take up all my time, go look up how many bead styles exist and in how many colours and then set that against wedding colours and gown and gown material and yes, that horrible sound is me tearing out my hair again. That other sound is me squealing with joy as I realize I have an excuse to order crystals in a billion different shades.

3) My blog has become a busy little place, partly due to my crystal clay tutorials and my Game of Thrones posts. I'm not sure what this means for my little jewellery business (more sales? hopefully), but it does mean I spend a lot more time social networking.

No worries. I love having multiple projects on the go. The fact that they are all currently related to things I love to do makes me feel very, very lucky.

So! It's promise time.

1) As you can see, my blog has gone over 3,000 views. Another giveaway will happen, SOON, possibly next week. I will also possibly open it to Canada and the USA.

(I will also have to set giveaways at every two thousand pageviews instead of one, otherwise I will end up giving away all my jewellery :P )

2) A summer collection will debut near the end of May. Expect long necklaces, lots of bling, and lots of colour. And flowers!

3) Yes, I'm a little late with Part 4 of my Game of Thrones series. I'm waiting for inspiration. It's slow in coming. :(

More random life updates:

- I have developed a mysterious allergy
- I still have to get my wisdom teeth out (ugghghghghghg)
- my cat Nigel is still having health problems (but he is slowly improving)
- I have discovered that Elphie is one of the few animals who realize that you are actually pointing at something instead of just looking at your finger.  How is this useful? I don't know.
- yes, I know, I haven't done a craft show in a while.
- I am broke. Buy my jewellery! :)

And since you've made it this far, here are some cat pictures. Mostly Elphie, because she actually does stuff. Nigel is cute. But he sleeps.

becoming infuriated by the birds she can't get.

pretending to snuggle Nigel, really trying to smother him.

looking surprised because she would never do anything bad

doing something bad, aka carrying the treat bag around and trying to find
the perfect spot to rip it open and make a mess. :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Crystal Clay & Game of Thrones - Part 3, House Tyrell

I must admit, my brain froze up a bit on this one. I was running out of green beads, my gold ink wasn't working properly and I couldn't find some of my materials.

It was tricky. What does House Tyrell represent? Riches, luxury. Opulence. They nailed it on the show, with the Tyrells wearing rich greens and golds, everything covered in embroidery. They're also sneaky, just as sneaky as the Lannisters but hiding it better under a veneer of politeness.

Olenna Tyrell had it about right. "Growing strong, the dullest words of any House" (or something to that effect). The Tyrells don't have iconic images like the Godswood, or wolves, or lions. They just have.... flowers, basically.

The Tyrells are one of my favourite houses, and they're quite prominent this season. And rightfully so. I honestly think they one of the few houses to actually pose a threat to the Lannisters.
In the end, I had several different sets. There's just something about that green and gold colour scheme that gets my brain going.

My first set is a little washed out in colour. I did this purposely, as the colour scheme on HBO's Game of Thrones does seem to be paler than you'd expect (with the exception of one or two of Cercei's gowns).

I used Czech cathedral beads... the gold detail on the edge of the bead is very Tyrell, I think
The necklace was supposed to be long.... then I realized I completely ran out of chain. Oops! Oh well, here's part of it.

My next piece is just a necklace, I made it more to experiment with my Staz-on gold ink than anything else. Just a nod to the embroidered brocades the Tyrells have been wearing.

The next set is my favourite. I piled on the rich green colours, and added some gold ink and crystals.

Which set do you like best? Feel welcome to sound off in the comments. (you don't need an account to comment, just click 'anonymous')

I'm honestly not sure which house to do next week. There's still House Baratheon, House Targaryen, House Tully, House Greyjoy, House Arryn....

Let's make next week's house a surprise. :)


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DISCLAIMER: The jewellery I make in this blog series are original designs and NOT copies of those made by HBO.