Friday, May 10, 2013

Crystal Clay & Game of Thrones - Part 3, House Tyrell

I must admit, my brain froze up a bit on this one. I was running out of green beads, my gold ink wasn't working properly and I couldn't find some of my materials.

It was tricky. What does House Tyrell represent? Riches, luxury. Opulence. They nailed it on the show, with the Tyrells wearing rich greens and golds, everything covered in embroidery. They're also sneaky, just as sneaky as the Lannisters but hiding it better under a veneer of politeness.

Olenna Tyrell had it about right. "Growing strong, the dullest words of any House" (or something to that effect). The Tyrells don't have iconic images like the Godswood, or wolves, or lions. They just have.... flowers, basically.

The Tyrells are one of my favourite houses, and they're quite prominent this season. And rightfully so. I honestly think they one of the few houses to actually pose a threat to the Lannisters.
In the end, I had several different sets. There's just something about that green and gold colour scheme that gets my brain going.

My first set is a little washed out in colour. I did this purposely, as the colour scheme on HBO's Game of Thrones does seem to be paler than you'd expect (with the exception of one or two of Cercei's gowns).

I used Czech cathedral beads... the gold detail on the edge of the bead is very Tyrell, I think
The necklace was supposed to be long.... then I realized I completely ran out of chain. Oops! Oh well, here's part of it.

My next piece is just a necklace, I made it more to experiment with my Staz-on gold ink than anything else. Just a nod to the embroidered brocades the Tyrells have been wearing.

The next set is my favourite. I piled on the rich green colours, and added some gold ink and crystals.

Which set do you like best? Feel welcome to sound off in the comments. (you don't need an account to comment, just click 'anonymous')

I'm honestly not sure which house to do next week. There's still House Baratheon, House Targaryen, House Tully, House Greyjoy, House Arryn....

Let's make next week's house a surprise. :)


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DISCLAIMER: The jewellery I make in this blog series are original designs and NOT copies of those made by HBO.  


  1. Nicely done with the game of thrones rendition, captured it well.

  2. Awesome, awesome, and awesome! I love each and every one of the luxurious pieces. Great details! Thank you for sharing! :-)