Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crystal Clay & Game of Thrones - Part 4, House Tully

Okaaay, well although my latest Game of Thrones-inspired jewellery installment is very late, do know that it was because I was waiting for an order of apoxie clay to come in. Which it did. (and also because I was completing a lesson plan for my job).

And so, I present to you, House Tully! I'm so glad HBO was able to include all the Tully's this season, I think the Blackfish and Edmure are spot on. The show really knows how to make me feel for the characters... I am quite ambivalent towards Catelyn Tully/Stark in the book, but on the show she can bring me to tears. She had several great scenes in Season 3, I think.

My one quibble is that Lysa isn't fat. Now don't get me wrong, I love most of the changes on the show. I'm not the kind of reader to quibble over a character's eyebrow hair or eye colour. But I think it would have been cool to have Catelyn's sister be such a physical contrast to her.

Anyways. On to the jewellery! I'm pretty sure a Tully won't be sitting the Iron Throne by the end, but they're still pretty cool.

This was the first time I worked with multiple colours of clay in one bezel. I loved it! And of course I have a fish. I noticed towards the end that the fish has a flower on its tail... oops. Oh well. I'm sure Edmure secretly likes flowers. :P

I made a bracelet to match. Nothing too fancy.

I figured out a new way to stamp/pigment clay while making this bracelet!
And then a pretty necklace! Something that Lysa might wear. The Tully sisters seem to favour blues. It goes so nice with their hair. I used a copper metal in all the pieces as a sort of nod to the famous Tully colouring.

And that's it for now! Check in next week for another House!


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