Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life Updates (and as always, with cats)

Hi everyone! Just checking in with some life updates and business-related housekeeping as I prepare for a very, very busy week.

First of all, jewellery updates have been slow. There are several reasons for this:

1) I GOT A JOB! That's my super amazing news. I'm going to be a Program Director, aka creative writing instructor at a summer arts camp. I'm currently tearing out my hair designing a 2 week lesson plan, plus elective workshops, for a group of kids age 13 - 18. Plus there's training and all manner of paperwork to do. Aaah.

It's just for a month, and the pay isn't high, but man oh man, I needed this. Badly. It's a small step in the direction of my chosen career. So yes, it's been hard to sit down and design jewellery when I have writing exercises running through my head going "pick me! pick me!"

2) I have a few bigger jewellery projects to work on. I've been meaning to design a summer collection, but I received two big jewellery commissions for this summer. Basically I'm designing and making customized jewellery for two weddings, one in June and one in September. If you plan on asking me how this could possibly take up all my time, go look up how many bead styles exist and in how many colours and then set that against wedding colours and gown and gown material and yes, that horrible sound is me tearing out my hair again. That other sound is me squealing with joy as I realize I have an excuse to order crystals in a billion different shades.

3) My blog has become a busy little place, partly due to my crystal clay tutorials and my Game of Thrones posts. I'm not sure what this means for my little jewellery business (more sales? hopefully), but it does mean I spend a lot more time social networking.

No worries. I love having multiple projects on the go. The fact that they are all currently related to things I love to do makes me feel very, very lucky.

So! It's promise time.

1) As you can see, my blog has gone over 3,000 views. Another giveaway will happen, SOON, possibly next week. I will also possibly open it to Canada and the USA.

(I will also have to set giveaways at every two thousand pageviews instead of one, otherwise I will end up giving away all my jewellery :P )

2) A summer collection will debut near the end of May. Expect long necklaces, lots of bling, and lots of colour. And flowers!

3) Yes, I'm a little late with Part 4 of my Game of Thrones series. I'm waiting for inspiration. It's slow in coming. :(

More random life updates:

- I have developed a mysterious allergy
- I still have to get my wisdom teeth out (ugghghghghghg)
- my cat Nigel is still having health problems (but he is slowly improving)
- I have discovered that Elphie is one of the few animals who realize that you are actually pointing at something instead of just looking at your finger.  How is this useful? I don't know.
- yes, I know, I haven't done a craft show in a while.
- I am broke. Buy my jewellery! :)

And since you've made it this far, here are some cat pictures. Mostly Elphie, because she actually does stuff. Nigel is cute. But he sleeps.

becoming infuriated by the birds she can't get.

pretending to snuggle Nigel, really trying to smother him.

looking surprised because she would never do anything bad

doing something bad, aka carrying the treat bag around and trying to find
the perfect spot to rip it open and make a mess. :)

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