Monday, June 3, 2013

Crystal Clay & Game of Thrones - Part 5, House Frey

The Freys. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah. Episode nine. Stab stab stab. It happened. It actually happened. I read the book years ago, but it still shocks me. I won't say anymore. I don't think I can say anymore.

So without further ado, I present the Freys..... (When will that Walder finally die?)

I used 'cold' colours for the Freys. Stone Grey and a metallic blue.

Ah, the joys of stamping crystal clay.

Yeah, I had to photograph in a pinch so I used tissue paper.

some frills... tried to make this bracelet Gothic and gloomy, much like the Twins.

I had fun with this one! Lots of texture that I added to the clay myself.

Yes, I know... it doesn't quite match the bracelet. But that's okay.

Man oh man.... one episode left! I'll probably spend that one (much like this one) crying in the corner. I'm still bummed out from last night's episode. Here's a little something to cheer you all up:


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DISCLAIMER: The jewellery I make in this blog series are original designs and NOT copies of those made by HBO.  


  1. Ooo, me! Me! I would like to win Game of Thrones inspired jewellery :)

    1. I'll see if I can think up a giveaway when Season 4 starts. :)