Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back in the Real World

Well that was it! I completed my teaching job for the summer! I collected my things, hugged my students, attended their performance, hugged my students again, said goodbye to the staff house and my coworkers and went home.
This may be misleading.... I actually had MUCH more stuff than this.

Goodbye to my room! (if there was any other indication that this was the perfect place to work, the entire staff house was COVERED with Game of Thrones stuff)

Find the Totoro!

I happily babbled to my mother-in-law about how great the job had been (super great) and how wonderful my students had been, aware of a heightening feeling of 'getting sick' that had been plaguing me for the past two days...

And yep! I am sick. Sore throat and cough and cold. Yaaay. But at least it hit me just as I was finishing work and not in the middle.
 I promptly collapsed in my bed and did not move for several hours. I think I was suffering from dehydration, and sleep-deprivation. I survived my last two days of work running on adrenaline, fighting a weird disorientation that made me forget peoples' names and spell all my u's as w's. The moral of the story, dear readers, is that on hot summer days: DRINK WATER. WEAR A HAT.

But yes. Loved my job. Love teaching. I figured if I didn't like children or teaching, this would become apparent during my 2-week contract and I would then rethink my future. Luckily, I enjoyed it immensely and feel much more confident about pursuing a PhD and eventually becoming a professor.

Sigh.... my first classroom:

Can you believe that I forgot to take a picture with all my students though? I forgot twice! Oh well... a part of me says that was meant to be. They were my first class, I will always remember their faces. And if they return to Centauri, I will see them again next summer!

I'm already being swept onwards into my next job, anyway. I was offered a job with the same organization, teaching evening classes from September to January in genre fiction. So it's back to creating those lesson plans...

Jewellery updates forthcoming. I have another tutorial that I will post this week.

AND the giveaway. Gosh, so many things to do and not much of a summer left to do it...

OH! And I made a website to showcase all the weddings I've made jewellery for:


If I've made jewellery for your bridesmaids and you're not on the website yet, send me some photos and I will add you to the portfolio! :)

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