Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crystal Clay & Game of Thrones - Part 8, House Baelish

Sooo I took one of those online "Which House would you be on Game of Thrones" quizzes, and I got House Baelish!!! Not gonna lie, I was pretty happy about that one.

Ah, Petyr, Petyr. What are you thinking? What are you planning. What do you want? 5 books and 4 seasons later and I still don't know, you sly devil you.

I think he just wants to be supreme puppet-master over everyone. And what's up with Sansa? Will we ever get his reaction to the Red Wedding, due to the death of a certain character? Book or show?

SO MANY QUESTIONS. Not enough jewellery!

I kept it simple for this post. Just a necklace and earring set. It's hard to find a bird charm that isn't all cutesy. I ended up making the bird from a silicone mold, clay, and some paint/Gilder's Paste. The flower, and the rectangle beads on the earrings were also made from clay and painted by me.

I put in hints of purple (for Sansa) and I decided to go with the black/grey colours. I also added the flower because it reminded me of her.

Actually, when I was looking up pictures of House Baelish, I was surprised to remember that their sigil is a Titan, not a mockingbird, the colours are green and tan? Hmmm.... I can see why Littlefinger goes with the mockingbird. Much better!

Still not sure about what House I'll do next week. I have a lot of ideas for House Reed, Mormont, Arryn, Martell, and many more. I also have plans for making some clay dragon eggs. Ahhhh. Too many ideas. Not enough time!


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