Saturday, May 31, 2014

Crystal Clay & Game of Thrones - Part 9, House Dorne

Well that was quite the hiatus... I admit I was very burned out from doing those posts once a week, and I didn't think my post for House Baelish was quite up to par. It takes a really, really long time to make the jewellery for these posts!

So I decided to take a creative break (and I finished the first draft of my novel). It was much needed, and I return quite refreshed. :)

My favourite item of these Dorne-inspired pieces is the bracelet. I used a woven cord technique that I just learned to make a pattern of tiny off-white beads mixed with fiery glass beads. I used tiny white beads in a tube shape so that it would look like snakeskin.

The bracelet wraps around the wrist twice, and of course, I embedded the sun of Dorne into orange crystal clay. I pigmented the clay with gold powder and also stamped in a swirly pattern. Feel free to click on the photos for a closeup. That is, if you don't mind my scrawny hand. ;)

I'm quite proud of this bracelet! It took several days to plan and execute.

Now is it just me or is Pedro Pascal amazingly super awesome???? And Indira Varma equally so? What a pair! They practically set fire to the screen.

I'd ramble on some more about them, but uh... spoilers. All I'm gonna say is, avid book-reader that I am, a small part of me wishes for a radical change that is NOT faithful to the books at all. I know it won't happen, but... but...

Anyways, I also made two necklaces. The rectangular one is more intricate. Again, I stamped the clay myself. I also decided to embed a few watch parts. Obviously Game of Thrones isn't steampunk, but I couldn't resist a few gears. I mean, they have them in the opening credits, right?

The second necklace I wasn't too sure of, but I am actually quite fond of it now. I had a tiny spear I tried to embed into the clay too, but I ran out of room. Booo.

I hope you liked these! I sure did. Next up should be House Reed.


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DISCLAIMER: The jewellery I make in this blog series are original designs and NOT copies of those made by HBO.  

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