Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crystal Clay & Game of Thrones - Part 10, House Reed

House Reed! Home of the crannogmen, Jojen and Meera, and the mysterious Howland Reed who clearly knows everything because he's been inexplicably hiding for five books now. I'm just waiting for him to wander out and spill all his secrets... because he clearly knows a thing or two about certain characters.

Lots of woven stuff for this blog post. I wanted things to look rough so I used cord and natural colours... the Reeds live in a swamp, after all.

The widest bracelet you see here took a whopping 5 days... a lot of weaving went into this. The pattern itself is simple but the interlocking beads are tiny. I could have finished this bracelet in 2 or 3 days but I beaded while watching the Walking Dead, so....

I used a mother-of-pearl button for closure, and two-hole beads with a "Jet Iris Brown" finish (I have NO idea what this means. I'm a brown or green kind of girl....fancy colour names mean nothing to me).


 Next is a bezel that I embedded with crystal clay (brown). I stamped and pigmented the clay with gold powder, then pressed in a crocodile charm. I attached the bezel to cord which I then wove with gold cats-eye beads. I decided to add some leaf charms to the end, because 1) it needed some flair, and 2) Jojen and Meera plan to lead Bran to the great and mysterious Weirwood Tree. Yeah, THE tree.

This bracelet turned out way better than I thought it would. Then again, I am starting to overthink these posts a little bit.

The last set is a pair of arrow earrings (for Meera) and a wonky kind of woven cord bracelet with uneven mismatched beads. I added some solid faceted dark green beads. More crocodile motifs and rough detail.

Anyways... this all took a long time. My fingers and eyes hurt. But I hope you liked it! My previous posts in the Game of Thrones jewellery series can be seen below.

And with that... onwards to the finale!!!!


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